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2014 in Review! - .....-=Entries of an Honored Warrior=-..... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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2014 in Review! [Dec. 26th, 2014|11:32 pm]
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[Current Music |Mirage of Hope (Chilled Mix) - Hemstock & Jennings]

With New Years coming up, I figure that this is something that I might as well end up sharing. I normally don’t do anything like this, and I actually detest New Years because it actually brings me a year older and closer to the inevitable end. But this is a special ocassion as many things which are quite note worthy as far as years past are concerned. So what can I say about the year 2014? Well.. I think I can break it down in a few words. I am not sure how everyone experienced this year but…


I could say that the sucking began in 2013 when me and my Mom went back to Jersey in October of 2013 when she had managed to get a job back in Philadelphia, but then this would be going back to the later end of 2013.. Know what, let’s include that in there. So our bad luck started around the later end of 2013 as Mom was making meager wages while selling appliances. And she was still in training but at the same time she was also working nights for a nearby Ross.. and the rent was getting cranked up more and more.. So it was impossible for her to make rent. To make it even worse, we had a one year lease— one which we weren’t likely to renew and stay.

But as soon as 2014 had come, we had hoped that some good luck would come out way. The year seemingly started out fine as far as I am aware but around March of 2014, Mom got seriously sick. She was experiencing severe panic attacks and had chest pains. At her age, getting a heart attack from stress is a very real and serious issue not to be ignored. Mom is known to work hard, sometimes she’ll run on diesel and just work until she’s past the breaking point. A personality trait which she had inherited from her father.

I tried looking for work at local places such as Big Lots, PetSmart, and Target. None of them had even really bothered to call me but the ones which I tried the most were of course the Big Lots stores which were nearby. Only a five minute walk away from the apartment which I used to live at. All in effort to help my Mom out financially.. No interviews were offered, no phone calls returned. I tried, and I tried constantly.

So Mom was put on disability for three months with pay. She was even recommended to see a therapist to deal with the stress which she was undergoing. She went from being a cheerful and smiling woman, to a broken and often abrasive and frowning one. Constantly, discussions about preparations to leave for Florida to stay with her sister were made and often.. avoided.

I’ve tried to speak to my father about helping us but he claims to have no money to give in order to help us. Frequently he’s made excuses that he is sick, unable to work and has no money whatsoever. The problem with that is man has lead a double life for thirty years, long before I was adopted and entered into his life. He’s got two sons who are roughly my age with the woman whom he’s been seeing.. and he drives a white Chevy Avalanche with a 1,000 dollar payments a month. All of this on a SEPTA bus driver’s salary. And he somehow has managed to keep the Chevy but he can’t help me and Mom out to stay in the apartment?

So the next three months for Mom are spent on her relaxing, and trying to get her mind rested but she is facing problems ahead instead. She doesn’t know any rest, doesn’t know what else to do. I’m still trying to get work anywhere I can and haven’t been offered interviews. Three months go by, she gets called into work and has a panic attack.. They give her a mutual release and she’s given six months unemployment.

This is where we become desperate, looking for work in New Jersey. We have until October until the lease to the apartment is null and void. Mom becomes increasingly depressed, suffers crying bouts and I’m getting increasingly angrier and angrier.

So.. September comes..and Big Lots calls me for a job offer.. ON THE DAY OF PACKING.. Yeah, thank for not hiring FIVE MONTHS prior Big Lots. I’ve only applied several times to you and you kept on over looking me for a permanent position and only are hiring for seasonal! So.. Fuck you Big Lots! Fuck you very much!

We immediately start packing everything up and prepare to leave our apartment. I come up with the proposition that we stay with Grandma for a while until we find a job. Unfortunately, the apartment complex allowed us only nine days to stay.. So we make do with what we can by eating out at restaurants and going to a local library to do job searches. Nine days pass, we have no where to go and ultimately hop from motel to motel.. Until we suffered an attack from Bed Bugs.

It’s ultimately decided.. We cave in and make a trip for Florida to my aunt’s apartment. She is the only person who has decided to take us in. So we drive all the way down to Virginia, then take a train down to Sanford, Florida and ultimately drive our way down to Odessa. So we only took with us the clothes on our backs and in our suitcases.

So far Florida has been.. our stopping point. Everyday, I feel a longing to go back home to New Jersey to a place I can call home. So does Mom. She’s been working at Target for the season at first, but she’s been offered a permanent position. I’m still looking for work down here..

So for me.. That’s 2014. The worst year of my entire fucking life.

Yeah.. 2014 sucked.. Goodbye 2014.. Please let the door hit your ass on the way out. And please, no one wish me New Years.. I hate New Years.