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It Just Gets Worse! [Mar. 3rd, 2014|07:37 pm]
[Current Mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[Current Music |Main Theme- The Terminator, Brad Fidel]

As of March 1st 4:00 AM Eastern Time, I have had to admit my Mom to the Emergency Room as she had feared she was suffering a heart attack. She had made complaints that she was experiencing extreme chest pains and pressure, making it very difficult for her to sleep and she had to do heavy breathing to alleviate the pain which she had been experiencing. I had asked her if she was feeling any tingling sensation in her arms and fingers, as this is a sign of a heart attack and she had said no. Immediately, I was quick to assume that this was emotional stress getting to her which may contribute to high blood pressure and other symptoms. So to make sure whether or not she was going to be fine, I had to help take her to Kennedy Hospital which is about a five minute drive away. We were immediately admitted and I was informed that my Mom would have to remain at the hospital for a majority of the day as she would have to take some test. No sleep was ever gained on that day.

Upon her return home, Mom had immediately went to bed to relax and she slept for the remaining half of the day and through out the entire night. This was much needed rest which she had been required to take, and I frequently ask her if she is alright or not. She tells me that she is fine, but deep down inside I know that she isn't. So I am gravely concerned about many things now-- where we economically stand, the current state of our staying at the apartment we reside in, and most importantly-- the physical, mental and spiritual health of my mother. Ever since the separation between my mother and my father, she has had it rough. She has had to cope with the loss of a marriage, being a single mother to raise me for the last thirteen years of my life, having to put up with a controlling husband and then finalize the separation with a divorce. She has also had to put up with losing jobs which had high pay, and had to settle with jobs which don't pay her the necessary amount for the life style she wants to live.

Saturday was a rude awakening for the both of us. It was a harsh awakening for my Mom that she is getting older and cannot do as much as she believes herself to do. For me, it served as a reminder that she will not be around forever and that I may need to be relied on in order to help the situation we are in. I have been looking for jobs, ever since the move to Florida and the move back to New Jersey-- no one has called me for interviews, no one has hired me. Sometimes I feel like if I am being tossed aside and not even considered for whatever reason. I just know that my Mom needs happiness in her life again, and she feels money will help. The move to Florida was a bad move, it had killed us financially and we had trouble finding work down there as well for three months. It wasn't until the job up north called that Mom believed she saw a ray of hope, but then a job in Florida called her.. a week later after we were confirmed a move back. But even then, it didn't matter-- to live in Florida, one needs to be retired or married.

Mom has been a survivor all her life. She grew up poor while living in the ghetto of Philadelphia, being the eldest daughter of five siblings to two Puerto Rican immigrants who had little to no formal education. She got married at sixteen years old believing that she would escape the hardship of her life, and eventually moved out of her family's house to live with her husband. She started working around that age and has been working to be successful, without a college education.. Nothing but a high school diploma to carry her. Back in those days, that was all that was needed for someone to work and she was taught some special skills and gained the experience. It wasn't until the 1980s was when she started to see some real money and became successful-- she and my father had formed a hair salon in Philadelphia and for a while things were good. Then when the recession hit, the divorce finalized and her losing her job at NFI, was when it all started to pile up on her. She had to sell the last house we lived in, lost a lot of money because the current residents wanted it lowered to a non-profiting price and had to cope with living in an apartment. The apartment got too expensive, we had to downsize, she couldn't cope.. The move to Florida happened, she's been living off her credit cards, we moved back to Jersey... It eventually got too much and she's finally broken.

She had to take another battery of test, and now she's being put in disability for a few weeks and has been given a prescription for Anti-Depressants.

I know I have to step up and contribute, and I want to help out the situation we are in and maybe dig us out of it. I have sent applications to Big Lots, as I have experience in retail but no phone calls have been made to me to schedule an interview. And I've also tried for Target as well, and again-- no phone calls have been issued to me and I am wondering what it is that I am lacking in order to work in retail. I've worked for Masquerade, LLC and I have worked at Express which is owned by The Limited, LLC. So why am I not being hired by these stores which may help out the situation? It's frustrating.. to hear my Mom talk about her problems with her friends over the phone. It's also frustrating to see one of the strongest women I know... burst into tears and cry, feeling and seeing her heart break because nothing is going the way she planned and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

If there is a God, then I can only hope that we be given a major break. Because something has just got to give.. No one deserves this kind of bad karma. Especially a woman who has been working for forty years to stay out of the streets. I'm tired of hearing her talk about her hardships, I am done with seeing her crying.. because it hurts me as her son.
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Opinions are like Assholes! [Feb. 4th, 2014|11:39 am]
[Current Mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[Current Music |Still - Geto Boyz]

And you know what they say, everyone’s got one! In all seriousness, it’s fine if someone happens to disagree with your opinion and it’s fine if you happen to disagree with someone else’s views as long as you present them in a respectful and civil manner. And every now and then a healthy but civil debate is welcome regarding the differing opinions, but when someone suddenly throws a fucking tantrum over a damn opinion… I can’t help but question that person’s mental stability. Especially when one person is outright attacking the other and reading into things which aren’t there or are putting words which aren’t even there.

I came across this wannabe film critic over at DeviantArt, and I read up on several of his reviews and well.. Let’s just say this fucker in Sweden doesn’t know how to review worth shit. He opens up with every review with "If you can’t take personal opinions that may or may not agree with your own opinions, do not read this review." Pardon me but that’s bullshit! The reason these opinions are posted up on the fucking internet is because the reviewer WANTS them read. He wants others to know how he perceived and felt towards a game, movie, comic book…

I am not naming this person out of sheer respect as a person. But I’ve read a couple of comments where an opinion conflicts with this person’s own opinion and then he believes himself to go on the defensive and the shit lashes out for reading into something which isn’t even there. I can’t help but wonder if this person has some sort of mental disorder, if he either has a form of Autism or Asperger’s. If he does, then it might explain his erratic behavior and I would be willing to let bygones be begones, and carry on with my day.

We get into a civil discussion at first over our differing opinions over a series of films which I myself consider a fan of. He reviews a film which I happened to like, but he happened to now dislike but used to like when he was younger or something. People can change their minds over time, I can understand that but his review was so biased and emotionally childish that I am shocked that several people could take his review seriously. So we discuss the points on what we agreed about the film, and what we disagreed on the film like civilized adults.

Then somewhere along the way I mention how I disliked a film which he liked, and I off-handedly mention this. So this fucker asks me why I disliked the film and then says he would regret asking it. Motherfucker, if you are going to regret asking me why I disliked your favorite movie then why the fuck did you even bother to ask, asshole?

So I politely explain why I disliked the film, why I thought a certain producer wasn’t qualified to be associated with the movie, how I thought the characters were not at all likeable save for one, and how an addition of a new type of creature in said movie completely pisses on the original and was done arrogantly so… I did all of this politely and civil as I could to not instigate something.

Know what the fucker does? He flies off into a rage telling me not to DARE attack the performance of his favorite actor, then tells me to use my fucking head to think over certain aspects because I disagreed with them, and then he gives me fucking grief over the previous comments we made with each other which were civilized.. and then he flies off the handle and outright decides to block me, and hides all the comments he and I made on one of his fucking shit reviews.

I honestly wish that I had managed to get some screenshots to share from this motherfucker because how asanine he has shown himself is just off the charts. He’s allowed to share his opinion, but if you disagree with this cunt— prepared to get flamed, have your words twisted, have your comments hidden and then blocked because your opinion differs from his.

Eat a dog’s dick you fucking stupid cunt, and have a nice day!
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Insomnia Strikes Again!! [Jan. 22nd, 2014|05:28 pm]
[Current Mood |depresseddepressed]
[Current Music |The One (Highlander) - Lost Horizon]

So far the first month of the new year has been really rough on me, and it’s happened since I turned twenty six a week ago. I haven’t been sleeping very well and I find myself needing more human company than ever before, and also spend more time watching television.. namely PBS Programming such as Arthur, Curious George, Wild Kratts… I tend to watch Arthur but never really watched Curious George or Wild Kratts. Sometimes I watch Spongebob and I generally avoid watching Spongebob.

I also find myself losing interest in a lot of the things which I was previously involved in. I find myself rather displeased with the fandoms I am a part of because of how the franchises are being changed or run. I also feel like I haven’t done anything worthwhile, even though I am trying to look for work and contribute something.. And it’s very bothersome to me that I haven’t been able to find work for a long time that’s steady.

I think this stress may have something to do with my insomnia.. I don’t know but I feel myself very worn down, very frustrated, angry and just generally unpleased with the way things are or where they are headed.

Hope I can sleep later on tonight cause my sleeping pattern is fucked up now, and I don’t like it too much now..
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Roleplaying has gone to SHIT! [Dec. 20th, 2013|09:58 pm]
[Current Mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[Current Music |In the Ghetto - P. Wilson]

I have been in the roleplaying field for a long time. It’s really hard to say when I began but I remember that I started around at the age of eleven, and I didn’t even know what roleplay use but I know that I used to pretend I was Ryu from Street Fighter on the internet in chatrooms and internet fight with people. So I’m going to say I have been roleplaying for fourteen, going on fifteen years. I have made a lot of friends through roleplaying, and I have made some enemies here and there as well.

I’ve seen something of a major decline in the roleplay scene. At least in the places I have been to. I started out in the first fields of online roleplaying and I first found myself roleplaying in the BeSeen chatrooms. A lot of you guys probably don’t know BeSeen but they were one of the first few chatrooms where roleplaying was held. I’ve encountered a lot of great roleplayers there, though every room didn’t have a set idea to it. You had a mixture of characters and genres interacting with each other. Players actually went out of their comfort zones and enjoyed each other. There was feeling of community in there, even if some people didn’t get along well with others. But people played to have fun.

BeSeen closed down sometime in 2001. So then I migrated over to AOL chatrooms and continued my roleplaying experience there. It wasn’t until I started to evolve my roleplaying style into what it is today. So I spent maybe two or so years over on AOL chatrooms until I had come across a new chatroom which was hosted on the Dark Relic servers. The chatroom I frequented was known as the SRI— the Silver Raven Inn. It was a fantasy based chatroom and I was the only one in there who had roleplayed as as Sci-Fi character, a Predator character whom I roleplay to this very day! So I had continued on roleplaying for a year until the Dark Relic servers had closed down and once more found myself in AOL chatrooms.

So as soon as I had heard that the SRI had resurrected itself on the PJJ chatroom domains and for a while things commenced as they did. But it wasn’t long until roleplayers started migrating after they had started making their own rooms, their own politics and people were becoming segregated from each other. It wasn’t as bad at first but around 2004 to 2005 was when it had become noticeable. Eventually I made my first chatroom and it lasted maybe two years before it folded due to inactivity. Then around 2006 I eventually came back to a new chatroom called the Hideaway and met a good friend of mine there. Then Hideaway went inactive and everyone had moved onto into a place called the NKCC.

For a while the NKCC was good but then problems between administrators and players were arising, and order was unable to be restored. Drama between chatrooms and chat masters were occurring. The main chatroom master of NKCC folded the chatroom as she suffered a breakdown and a new chatroom called EarthNow arose, and I helped with the construction of that site. EarthNow only lasted about a year before I eventually moved onto a new project called Warzone for a friend of mine, but that didn’t last too long either. Conflicting politics, two-faced friends, and backstabbing was what left me to leave Warzone and eventually make a new chatroom.

That chatroom would be City of Shadows— my first chatroom after the one which I had back a few years ago. Founded in 2009, and it had a strong three year run. For a while everything was good, despite a rough start and many friendships were cemented and molded. However something happened between relationships between admins, something had happened with players. One of my admins had requested how I made a room and I simply showed him the chatroom generator forums, and he has since been on a room making spree. City of Shadows had to be deleted, rebooted and reconstructed. Now it’s up and running.

Now I am on Tumblr, hoping to expand my roleplaying experience and maybe find some source of fun in it.

But now I am seeing roleplaying devolving into something else.. And I am not really pleased with it.

I honestly am at the end of my rope here as far as roleplaying goes and let me say that there are some wonderful players out there whom I do enjoy roleplaying with. You guys know who you are and I really appreciate, even value the friendship which you guys have given me and stuck through me with all the years we have known each other. To my new friends whom I have roleplayed with— thank you very much.

But after having roleplayed for fourteen going on fifteen years.. as much as it pains me to say this, but roleplaying isn’t shit anymore. I am not sure if it’s because I am older and outgrew the hobby, but the only thing which roleplaying has helped me with is be a better writer. Roleplaying right now can suck my nuts, the whole thing has gone to the drizzling shits. I don’t know whether it has anything to do with the new generation players, or the new standards where different communities have which have turned it to shit and saw to it.

I would probably give myself another three years before I get off the hobby and just deal with it. Too many things have killed it. So many things have killed it.

Roleplaying now isn’t really about having fun, it’s about fucking popularity now. See you have so many players claiming up handles for whatever hot anime character, fantasy character, Supernatural, Dr. Who, or even Sherlock character and then the whole roleplaying scene becomes what it is today. You have a bunch of kids playing these same characters since they are likely in the same fandoms, they all play just alike, and you know that they have likely come across one another, and they form these little cliques and their bullshit clique grows with one of them getting a big push— and they get partners out the woodwork. Apparently, that’s how I feel in order to get a partner now..


And the Roleplay scene has gone to shits!

And right now, I’m almost feeling like I want out! Right now the whole scene is like doing a chore, I want out! I want to either go somewhere else or do something else where I don’t feel like I have to either play a character I don’t want to play, like Dr. Who or the Winchester brothers, just to get a partner. And if this feeling persist, I’m leaving.

And then you have players who are at each other’s throats, spreading bad word of mouth around. People who used to be friends talking behind each other’s back, one stabbing the other in the back. You’ve got roleplayers who are catty, you’ve got roleplayers who will unfollow a fucker because they are following someone they don’t like, and the unfollowed person has no idea why the person whom they started a roleplay with, immediately shot all plots to hell and unfollowed them.

I honestly feel like roleplaying is going in the toilet. Straight in the toilet. Now the only way to get ANY roleplay going is if you roleplay as someone from SuperWhoLock, or a fantasy character, Japanese anime or manga character. Also it seems like Blogs have to be given a Quality Award badge to be considered worthy to roleplay with! Seriously, what fucking shit is that? Roleplaying has gone straight to hell.

It’s over, and I’m staying right where I am in my chatroom. Roleplay with whatever friends I have on AIM and Tumblr, and be alright. But the whole scene, this shit, it’s done— it’s over.

Seriously it’s like now people only want to roleplay with what’s popular or a fad fandom. For anyone sitting here don’t ask me or tell me why I’m negative. Truth is truth, facts are facts— unless you were given a Quality Blog award badge, or are roleplaying an anime/manga, or SuperWhoLock character it’s hard to get anything going and have fun with.

And what’s left? Nothing else!

It is what it is… And it’s the shits! Roleplaying is shits now!
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Dark Horse to Reboot Alien-Predator Comics! [Oct. 11th, 2013|12:44 am]
Dark Horse to Reboot Alien-Predator Comics!

Something of a little rant here considering how big of an Alien and Predator geek that I am but I honestly cannot withstand holding my feelings in anymore regarding this news. Upon hearing that there were going to be new Alien and Predator comics to be released, I was happy to hear them but now after reading articles on them, I cannot say that I am exactly to thrilled about the news anymore.

Seems as if Dark Horse didn’t get the memo that Prometheus, PREDATORS and AvP aren’t really meant to connect with each other.

When it comes to continuity and canon, I do my best to keep track of what is canon and what isn’t. The reason being is because I have characters who are inspired from the Alien-Predator universe and are based in these particular universes. I also like to use canon materials to cite when it comes to debates every now and then. Because I use these sources for citing when it comes to debates, I have to know what is canon and what isn’t.

When it comes to works of fiction like Star Wars, Star Trek, or whatever science fiction genre that is founded on television or even the silver screen there is one rule which must be abide by. The films are the primary source of canon. There is no exception, and if we take the Word of God trope into account, that too is considered to be primary canon as well. However when it comes to Expanded Universe material such as comics, games, and even novels— this is considered to be secondary canon.

However in the case of expanded universe material, if it does contradict the primary source material then they are and should not be considered canon at all whatsoever. Even if they go against Word of God, then they should not be considered canon.

Upon reading the articles, it seems as if the Alien-Predator franchises are having a reboot in the expanded universe material. However this isn’t necessarily the first time that the Alien-Predator universe has had something of a reboot. Ignoring the Yautja Mythos, John Shirely had written Predator: Forever Midnight which introduced the Hish mythos… A mythos perhaps better left forgotten.

But with his new reboot regarding the Alien-Predator comics, it seems as if the team of Robinson, Tobin, Williamson, Sebela didn’t really get the memo when it comes to combining Prometheus, Alien, AvP, and PREDATORS.

Regarding PREDATORS, Robert Rodriguez has made it rather clear that his movie takes place after the original PREDATOR. He has even stated so in a webchat interview at Troublemaker Studios.

"I originally conceived it back in the day and they had already done Predator 2, and I… pretended that didn’t exist and I just went right to Predator 1 and wrote this as a follow up to Predator 1. Which is why this will be Predator and PREDATORS. Almost like ALIEN and ALIENS."

Robert Rodriguez has expressed his disgust with Predator 2 and his film doesn’t even reference Predator 2 at all, let alone the AvP films. However considering that Predator 2 was filmed in 1990 but the plot setting was set in a futuristic 1997, and since the AvP films are likely follow up sequels to Predator 2 seem to present conflicting timelines.

In the case of Prometheus, a similar ideal is held. Numerous sources have stated that Ridley Scott, when questioned about Prometheus and a potential connection with Alien vs Predator apparently stated that Prometheus has nothing to do with Predator or AvP, and that Alien and Predator meeting can’t happen because they are different universes.

Also to be noted, Lindelof had approached Ridley Scott about referencing Alien vs Predator in Prometheus:

"You mean in terms of Charles Bishop Weyland? Look, as to what’s canon and what’s not canon, for me as a screenwriter it’s transcended by Ridley as a director. Here’s the thing. Ridley invented this. He created this Alien universe. He birthed it out of his own heart and soul. So he gets to do whatever it is he wants to do and he wanted to use Weyland as a conduit in the story, and was not interested at all when I said to him, ‘You know, Weyland was a character in one of the Alien Vs. Predator movies,’ he just sort of looked at me like I had just slapped him in the face. That was the beginning, middle and end of all Alien Vs. Predator references in our story process."

Again, conflicting with the timeline— the TED Weyland Corp site lists that Weyland Industries was founded October 11th, 2012. In Alien vs Predator, Weyland Industries was formed prior to 2004 and merged with Weyland-Yutani in 2030 (Predator: Concrete Jungle).

From the words of Robert Rodriguez and Ridley Scott, it sounds like that Predator 2, AvP, and AvP-R are retconned and perhaps likely thrown out the window. But this doesn’t seem to be the case as neither Rodriguez nor Scott have the intellectual rights to Alien and Predator, the rights belong to Twentieth Century Fox. And Twentieth Century Fox doesn’t even bother in declaring what is canon and non-canon, or even bother in making any retcons— ultimately this leaves the fans of the Alien-Predator franchises to determine what is canon and what isn’t canon.

Considering that Predator 2 was set in a futuristic 1997, and that the AvP films are connected with Predator 2 (Alien skull in the trophy room)— it’s likely that Predator 2 and the AvP films are just one separate continuity/timline from Robert Rodriguez’s PREDATORS and Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. And this particular timeline which includes Predator 2 and the AvP films has already twenty years of EU material to work with, some stories requiring closure! Three World War ended with an open note!

So if you count Predator, Predator 2, AvP, AvP-R, Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection along with the comic publications from 1988 to 2009, you essentially have one timeline. One already unified timeline where the Aliens and Predators already occupy.

Now if we take Robert Rodriguez’s Word of God, we have Predator and PREDATORS. One must ignore Predator 2 to AvP-R along with the twenty something years of EU. You already have another timeline.

Now if we take Ridley Scott’s Word of God, we have Prometheus, Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien Resurrection— assuming we ignore Alien novels like Original Sin and so on, we have another timeline but omitting anything to do with AvP and Predator.

Now this new rebooted timeline combines Predator, Predator 2, Predators, Prometheus, Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection but forms a whole new Alien vs. Predator conflict. Now if we consider Rodriguez’s and Ridley Scott’s Word of God Tropes, this presents some problems to where this comic reboot fits within canon if it’s trying to pass itself off as such since Predator 2, AvP PREDATORS, and Prometheus don’t necessarily go together and weren’t meant to.

I’m sure that the stories will be interesting and perhaps even good to read, but already I have doubts that I would ever consider them to be canon whatsoever.

It’ll be annoying that the average Joe Blow will be thinking that it all goes together like Peanut Butter and Jelly when it’s far more complicated than that.. Ugh!
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Florida and Swedish Furniture [Jul. 6th, 2013|07:03 pm]
[Current Mood |irritatedirritated]
[Current Music |City Streets- Double Dragon OST]

My move over from New Jersey to Florida has been a long, arduous and even frustrating move but it was an overall success. Aside from having to make a stop at Charlotte, North Carolina before hitting my destination and even having to finish settling in… The move went quite well.

What matters now is making my new apartment into a home, putting things in which I like and things which make the place feel very much like home. Florida is very different from New Jersey, and even the place has a much different aura. I will say that I feel very… alien here.

I do miss Cherry Hill, New Jersey.. And I do miss Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but things like this happen in life and we can only deal with these changes in our own way, I suppose. I do want to say that I hope to go back to either Cherry Hill, or even Philadelphia when all of this is said and done.

I miss a lot of people back home… Most of all, and most surprisingly of those people is my father… Even though he wasn't the best Dad in the world, and he may have made a major mistake in his life.. Well, he's the only Dad I've got and I miss him a lot.

But right now.. I am back. And for those who have missed me, if any at all did, well… I'm back!

Also.. I would like to say fuck you IKEA. Fuck you for not printing your instruction manuals in a language which I can read and instead having to rely on diagrams to assemble your cheaply made furniture.. Because in trying to assemble your Hopen bureau, I accidentally broke one of the ends and had to glue it.

The sad thing is the glue is not holding.

$199.99 for a cheaply made dresser which is made of cheap wood that breaks when I need to lift it to better assemble it, and to add insult to injury there are no fucking English instructions?


I am more than well aware that the wood isn't even solid wood. The thing is that I just literally arrived in Tampa, and I don't have enough budget to buy a complete and well made bedroom set, so that means we have to go cheap and compact— meaning I had to go to IKEA.

Now the dresser is almost built.. My issue is that now there is this glaring crack and being the perfectionist that I am, I want to get rid of it and exchange it for a new one. Apparently, IKEA's return policy is that once merchandise is taken out of the box, it cannot be returned.
Which if you ask me.. Sucks gorilla balls.

IKEA, you need to start printing your assembly manuals in English along with the other languages you have printed instead of us having to rely on somewhat confusing diagrams!!

You're getting off easy cause you got great Detolf curios and awesome Swedish meatballs!

But FUCK YOU for no English assembly instructions and confusing diagrams!

Another thing which pisses me off is that I already had a set in mind and it was going to have two Detolf curios in mind, one on each side of the room. Now I can't have that.

I am very frustrated at this point. Nothing is working out the way I would like them to. Then again things RARELY work out the way I want them to.

Story of my life.
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Birthday: 25 Years [Jan. 18th, 2013|01:35 am]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

Well, I've hit another milestone in my life and today was the day that I have been birthed into this world. Twenty five years have passed on and I suppose I will be celebrating it today very soon-- though of course I haven't gotten any sleep within the last four days. To be quite honest, I am not necessary so sure as to why I have been unable to sleep. Either it's because that I am nervous about turning twenty five, or am excited that today happens to be my birthday. See, last week I was told that I was going to be having done something special, though I am not necessarily so sure what's going to be done. Usually, birthday traditions are that dinners with fine cuisine and wine are done. Well, usually it's hibachi with sake drinks but I might go to Maggiano's Little Italy for this year.

Really, I don't know what's going to be happening.

I know that my Dad said that he was going to be trying to coming over to wish my a Happy Birthday. He said that he was going to either take me to Maggiano's or Mikado, and then maybe take me over to Scott's Comic Station to pick up some comic books. Last week, I bought a set of three NECA Predator figures, two figures that I didn't even want like City Hunter (Masked) and Cloaking Falconer Predator. The Predator figure that I kept was Big Red Predator from Batman: Dead End. The two other figures I exchanged for cash money and two free comics from Scott over at the store. He handed me Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret History of the Foot Clan #1 and he said that the second free comic would be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #18. So I am hoping that I can get the comic as of tomorrow, and maybe Batman: The Dark Knight Returns on Blu-Ray.

Considering that twenty five years have passed, there are some things that I want to do this year. For one, I would like to at least get a job and I am still looking very hard for one. I also would like to begin driving to better get around and maybe even expand my searches for said employment.

So how do I feel that now that it's my 25th birthday? Well, I'm excited I suppose.. I just hope that I can get some sleep tonight.
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2012 - The Ending [Jan. 1st, 2013|07:28 pm]
[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]

The year 2012 was something of an uninteresting year for me as far as I am aware. Aside from certain events which had happened, I will not be addressing any celebrity happenings or even tragedies that had happened within this particular year. Instead, I will more than likely be talking about what the year had meant for me on a personal level and quite honestly, nothing really interesting had actually happened aside from some revelations. For one, I am not celebrating New Years in the same way everyone else is because I happen to be something of a pessimist regarding New Years in general. The only thing I have to look forward to each New Year is the fact that my birthday isn't too far away as it happens to be in Janurary. Speaking of birthdays, I am going to be 25 years old as of January 18th.

Well Whoopie fucking Do. I didn't get a lot of neat stuff last year regarding birthdays, and I most certainly won't be regarding anything either. Anyway 2012 was something of a year of changes and disappointments. So what will 2013 bring in, well, I am uncertain but I do know that while some good has come from 2012-- the bad just kind of outweighed the good for me. So where do I begin with a retrospective of 2012?

For Starters-- well, the beginning of 2012 was something extremely uneventful and that had lasted all the way down to the middle of the year, namely as of Summer of 2012. Aside from some awesome Blockbuster films here and there, such as Avengers and Prometheus-- there was nothing really looking forward to. I had to move down into a smaller apartment with my folks during the summer, and it has been something of an extremely rough move and time living in my current location. The neighbors are rude, the people are downright inconsiderate of each other as people tend to park in assigned parking spaces and clearly do not give two shits, and looking for jobs has been something of an impossibility. I have been trying to look for work since I got screwed out by Express, LLC (which was three years ago) and I have come to terms that moving to Florida to live might be a possibility. I will admit, Florida is a nice place to visit for a vacation but for me to live down there? Uh-uh. Because of this pressure of finding better jobs, not just on myself but my folks as well... Florida is looking like a last ditch effort and I don't want to do it. Since then I have been looking even harder for jobs but none have been returning emails or calls.

Also, I realize that I am getting older. Things which I found to be quite appealing to be as a younger person no longer have that appeal to me and it's gotten repetitive and even downright upsetting or boring. Roleplaying has become more of a chore than fun because I have had deal with impatient newbies, or people who just don't even want to try as far as working with posts go. Also it doesn't help that on PJJ, everyone and their Mom has a roleplaying chatroom. People have become so segregated that it's almost impossible to start a roleplay. Everyone knows everyone, even though they somehow haven't met and reputations go around. PJJ has suffered what a friend of mine calls the lonely island syndrome.

Regarding DeviantArt, and art in general- I've realized that I might have to start all over from the ground up. My style and artistic material and subjects lacked a crucial element which I have ignored when I started drawing since I can remember... Turns out I completely ignored the stickman skeleton fundamentals and realize how hard it is to even start from there. While I have been given the tools and while I have been given the material... I don't learn by theory. I learn by doing. I like to do it with another person or learn by watching and then doing.. it's more comfortable for me that way. However I also realize that drawing might not even be for me at all, and instead I might stick to writing. Who knows...

I've also lost friends.. But made some new ones within the year of 2012. One friend in particular I have been friends with since 2007, and as of October of 2012, she and I had broken our friendship apart as I felt as if she was neglecting the friends that she had for a new clique which she wanted to join. People come and go in your lives, and it hurts. A lot. I take friendships quite seriously, and when a person leaves on an angry note... it hurts. Drifting apart however... not necessarily as much.

Oh... and I lost a computer which I had for three years. The memory went bad on me and so I had to get a new one... and then the new one crapped out on me. And then I had to get an ASUS brand computer to replace the replacement... All I can say to that is essentially, the machine I have now is a piece of crap. Already this replacement had experienced some issues and getting a FOURTH replacement is just ridiculous. So despite this one being a piece of shit, I'm sticking with it...

Goodbye 2012... Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
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Blue Screen of Death [Dec. 1st, 2012|10:07 pm]
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So my Emachines Desktop that I have had for three years suddenly had been experiencing some issues. Namely, within the past two or three weeks-- I am going to say for maybe a little over three weeks, I have been recieving the dreaded blue screen of death. Now, I like to think that whenever I have a computer I have some fairly good Anti-virus software and malware protection, and I also ensure that I am not downloading anything too big which will eat up my drive. So sometime around Halloween or maybe after that, I happen to just be surfing on the web. Browsing EF, DeviantArt, Comicvine, Figurerealm and Youtube. Now the first time I got the Blue Screen of Death was when I was browsing around Youtube and DeviantArt.. the music in the background skips, the screen turns black-- everything resets and the blue screen occurs telling me that there was an error with the hard drive and a memory dump was in order.

I assume it was just a one time thing and carry on doing what I was doing. However to make sure it wasn't a virus, I ran AVG and Malwarebytes. Both pick nothing up. No virus, no rootkit, no adware or malware. So I rule out that it's not a virus. At least I hope it isn't..

The second time, it happens again. Not even a half hour in use of the machine. It tells me to run a memory diagonostics check and I do it. The PC doesn't even pass the memory diagonostics tests and it tells me my memory is corrupt and low. But that couldn't be because I still had a whopping amount of space left on my hard drive. So wanting to play it safe, I take it to a compute repair center and they test the RAM sticks. When he tested each of the sticks one by one, no problems were found, but when all three were running in the slots they belonged in, over 98 problems were found. So he tells me that the Motherboard is corrupt, or that it could've just needed a receipt change and that the RAMs just needed to be popped out and back in, and I might not see another BsoD.

So I plug everything back in, everything seems to work fine for a few days and I don't see the BsoD... until it randomly had popped up and this time the system tells me what the OS stopped working. I don't know what it means when the OS stopped working but if it's a software issue that is affecting the performance, then I was pretty much screwed. It meant that I had to get a new computer...

So... cue to here and now. I manage to buy a good computer, a gaming computer too. It was a CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra Destop 8GB Memory 1TB Hard Drive. It came with some awesome product features and I'd have assumed my PC troubles were over now that I had a new computer. All that was left was to install my wireless adapter from Linksys, a WPM54G Linksys, and install the programs I use a lot. So the I take the Linksys out of the old computer, and plug it in but Linksys couldn't be read by Windows 8. So, I had to go out and get a new Wireless adapter... however I hadn't taken out the old adapter yet. So I get the adapter, install the software to activate it and read my Networking, I have internet. The thing runs like a dream. I install the Virus protection, malware protection, browser and ad-blocking add-ons, and install my AIM program... Everything runs fine.

Within four hours of use... Blue Screen of Death.

On a brand spanking new computer. And it seems to share the same issues as my Emachines Vista did. Random BsoD's happen and I ran a memory test too. No issues with the memory whatsoever. However I am being told that the OS simply had an unexpected shutdown and stopped working. I know that there are .DMP files which describe the problems but I didn't write the numbers of the files down, nor do I know how to locate them. So... I take the computer back to Best Buy, inform Geek Squad of what happen and they tell me that I got a lemon.

Now I have to use my Mom's old XP system.

I just find it very weird... that my Emachines Vista and my CyberPower PC Windows 8 seemingly suffer the same issues with BsoD. Maybe not the same issue but I'm getting Blue Screens. So I research what could cause it... Bad Drivers, Corrupted Software, Viruses, etc, etc...

Has anyone here had similar issues or having them now? And what could cause a brand new computer to suddenly malfunction like the old one?

Anyone computer savvy know how to answer this?
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PROMETHEUS: My Review [Jun. 8th, 2012|03:29 pm]
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In 1979, Ridley Scott had created a cinematic feature that had re-defined science fiction. Inspired by the nightmarish artworks produced by Hans Rudi Giger, and with a solid script written by Dan O’Bannon, a film which had been a metaphor for male oral rape and the birthing of a life form as a result of that rape had been ushered into the world and thus-- ALIEN had been ushered into the world. ALIEN had been so successful that it had spawned a sequel in 1986, written and directed by none other than James Cameron and what followed would be an addition of two more sequels, and two spin-off crossover films. It has been more than thirty years since Ridley Scott had ventured into the sci-fi genre, and marking his return is the sci-fi summer anticipation, Prometheus.

For thirty years, ALIEN fans have been awaiting the return of Ridley Scott and now with his return, fans can wait no longer. However is the film worth the hype it has been generating? Is the return of Ridley Scott something which fans have been awaiting thirty years for after all that waiting?

This is something which I myself am still questioning after having seen this film. So without further ado, I have decided to try my hand at reviewing Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.

My Review of Prometheus! Spoilers!Collapse )
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