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2015 in Review! [Dec. 23rd, 2015|10:28 pm]
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Good Christ, where do I begin with this year? I can definitely say without a doubt that 2015 was definitely a better year than 2014 for a variety of reasons but I wouldn't go as far as to say it was a particularly easy year. If anything, 2015 was perhaps a very rough year considering that most of it was an attempt to make a return to what I could call something of a normal life. A lot of things were gained, somethings were lost but I suppose that's a normal thing in a game called life. This was a year where I had learned quite a lot of things, and am still learning them.

The year immediately kicked off with the tail end of a tragedy which had occurred towards the end of 2014, with my family and I losing our home due to lack of employment and being unable to pay the rent at our previous development. All of our belongings were put into storage, and we went back and forth with motels-- suffered in the process and ultimately, we had stayed with my Grandmother in Philadelphia and then caved in-- and traveled down to Florida, where my aunt Minerva lived. And this is where 2015 begins...

Through out January to April, I believe.. we stayed at my Aunt Minerva's place due to the fact that we have no place to go and really were down there to look for work until we managed to get back on our feet. Bills are piling up, storage rent is due, and we're trying to somehow keep up for all of this. It seemed like we were going to be down there for quite sometime, and done some soul searching to see where we could improve our situation. Blessings were given to us, reassurance that we would be fine.. and we were still down there. Come around spring time, we were given the prospect of a job in New Jersey and we see a chance to finally come back out on top!

Unfortunately, we had all of our belongings which we acquire in Florida-- and half of our belongings such as clothes and equipment which we took from New Jersey when we came down to Florida. So we were in a bit of a predicament and had to somehow compromise how we were going to get back with all our stuff. My aunt decides to come with us to help, so we arrange a train ticket to Virginia, and drive our way back to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And as soon we arrive in Philadelphia, we are accepted with open arms by my Grandmother and having realized the hazards of staying at a motel, we knew better and decided to stay with my Grandmother, despite lack of internet and cable. You could imagine how stressed we were.

So my Mom heads down to a couple of interviews, with the promise of being given a job with good pay.. and none of them hire her. But we still have to keep trying because we needed to improve our situation. And the money which my mother earned while working at the Target in Odessa was quickly becoming scarce.. And we needed a solution to our problem of diminishing money while we needed to eat meals too.. This is where I find out who my real friends were, and who weren't. I started a GoFundMe campaign and signed up for Facebook-- all so we could acquire the money to buy food, water, and perhaps a roof over our heads. But this wasn't going to be a permanent solution.. Not without a fixed income of sorts. I managed to get in touch with friends of mine from school, many of whom were gracious enough to donate money. To those who have spread the word, and donated.. I cannot thank you enough! Without your help, my family and I would've surely been in a far more worse situation.

So while the GoFundMe campaign was lasting us until my Mother and I had landed a job, my godmother Juanita took us in as she had an internet connection which was an incentive for us to head on over as we could use it to look for jobs.

So, I realized that in order for us to have a resemblance of a normal life.. I needed to get a job. Someone had recommended me a job at Toys R Us, and seeing as I am a person who enjoys toys and video games-- I figured what could it hurt and I decided to try my hand at numerous retail outlets and restaurant chains such as Walmart, Sam's Club, Wegman's, Panera Bread and of course.. Toys R Us. So until we waited to hear something, we remained patient and considered our options on where we could live. We had several developments in mind, and the potential of living in an apartment home.

To our happiness, my mother and I managed to land the jobs which we have been so dependent on, and the GoFundMe campaign had managed to break goal. So, we started to look around for a place for us to live. And we found an interesting.. Victorian home somewhere in Merchantville, and while it showed promise, it had harbored a secret which... made us reconsider in staying there. Not only was the place old, and had a musty smell to it-- it had roaches in it. Thankfully, our months rent payment didn't go through, and we demanded our money back-- which we indeed did get. So, we had jobs... but no place to really rest our heads but the car.

We're still looking around for a place to live and ultimately decide in a development which.. doesn't exactly have the greatest parking. We tried investing in a two bedroom apartment, but as it turns out-- our combined income didn't exactly allow for that, so we had to make due with a one bedroom. At this point, we decided that we were going to make this work because any roof is better than no roof over our head. We paid rent in advance with the GoFundMe money, and make an immediate move to well... move in. It took us two months to move in because we couldn't afford movers, and when we managed to acquire enough money, we were only able to hire three guys for about two hours time to get all of our stuff inside.

We started getting our lives back. That's all that counted, and that's all that mattered then.

Mom and I start our jobs soon, and we're learning the ropes-- while we're getting paid as well. I've briefly worked retail before, but mostly for odd-jobs such as working for a Halloween store, and for Express. Both of which were seasonal and I thought this was going to be an easy job. Turns out, retail year round is one of the hardest jobs anyone could do. But I learn from this experience, learning from doing the job and I'm making some money to help out to pay for bills, groceries, and whatever needs attending to.

Now it's all uphill from here, but it hasn't been an easy push uphill. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears were made as we clawed our way back to what we could call a normal life. We're still aiming higher, preferably for a two bedroom apartment as I am using the living room as my living space-- and I would like more room for my stuff which is still in boxes. At least my Mother is comfortable, and I can say that allows her to be at ease..

I want to keep on working as I vowed to never let what happened in 2014 to ever happen again but at the same time, I want so much more so we can really have our lives back. I've been working for six months, and am finishing up the hardest time of the year in retail, and tomorrow is the last day. All I want to do is help my mother, support her, and get our lives back.

I'm going to say that 2015 is the year of the come back... No regrets.