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Off My Mind: Dark Horse's AvP Reboot Comics [Mar. 22nd, 2014|06:13 pm]
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I've been holding this a lot within myself for a long time, and to be honest I am very apprehensive about sharing my thoughts here regarding the AvP Reboot comics. I have seen a lot of people being excited for them, I have seen several people hawking non-stop about it to the point of it being a tad annoying, and so far what we have seen is proving to be quite interesting. We've seen interior pages, and they look great! The cover art is simply phenomenal (Mignola's cover? No.. Just.. No.)

I don't really mean to be a wet blanket, I really don't but as someone who has a great love for the franchise (Rodriguez's PREDATORS not-withstanding) and the expanded universe.. It's kind of heart breaking to have the comics rebooted in the EU. Mind you this isn't the first time the comics have been rebooted-- we wound up with the Hish mythos which completely eschewed the Yautja mythos when John Shirley released Predator: Forever Midnight.

I have two main concerns regarding the AvP Reboot comics. One, how does this affect the canon and the twenty something years of backstory and mythology which started in 1989 with the original AvP comics. Two, what changes will they be making to the Predators and their culture?

In regards to the canon, we know that the new AvP comics will be using Predator, Predator 2, Predators, Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection as inspirations and sourced them as canon. Much to my dismay, as someone who liked the AvP films-- they won't be treating them as canon. Furthermore, the writing team has decided to ignore the twenty five years of continuity established in the previous comics.

Does this mean that the old comics are considered non-canon?

According to the canon policy of Twentieth Century Fox-- all published media featuring Aliens and Predators extending to the films, comics, novels, and video games is generally considered canon. The problem with this viewpoint from Fox is that it creates a shambled mess as there are inconsistencies and even.. different continuities according to the stories in all Alien-Predator media.

Even filmmakers Robert Rodriguez and Ridley Scott didn't adhere to previous continuity as Robert decided to ignore Predator 2, AvP and AvP-R when he wrote PREDATORS in mind. In Ridley Scott's case, he wanted nothing to with the Predator or AvP franchise, and stayed within the realm of Alien when he filmed Prometheus.

So canon is dubious. Or.. even ambiguous because of Fox's claim on the canon. This is where personal canon comes from.

The thing is if these comics are using seven out of the ten films, then does this mean this is a different continuity path? Where does this even leave the old comics continuity anyway?

But if these reboot comics are the main status quo, similarly to what the New 52 is to the DC Universe-- then where does this leave characters from the old comics as well as the unresolved or open ended storylines?

Despite the mixed reception of Three World War, it left an open end where we see the Killer Predators preparing another attack as they have multiple Queens laying eggs. What happens then?

Where do characters like Machiko Noguchi, Dachande, Herk Mondo, Wilkes, Billie, and Detective Schaefer and Rasche go? Do they just stop existing or never did exist at all? Were their exploitations and adventures rendered meaningless?

I've actually managed to get in touch with Christopher Sebela. So far his quote regarding the old comics and the continuity of the old one goes as follows:

"I have a question regarding the new Alien-Predator universe which Dark Horse is creating. Is this a whole separate and new universe from the already established twenty five years of lore which was started from the late 1980s to 2009 or does this completely override the old lore?"

"The old Dark Horse comics series about Aliens, Predators and Aliens fighting Predators never came up in the writer’s room as we’re working off a different angle of the universe, one that may touch on some of the stuff those old books did, but only by accident. But we’re not declaring all that stuff moot or rebooting it or anything, it’s just two different neighborhoods in a pretty big city."

Source: http://christophersebela.tumblr.com/post/63748483508/i-have-a-question-regarding-the-new-alien-predator

From what I have gathered, Sebela mentions that these comics won't render the old comics moot or jettison them out from the canon. And the separate city analogy suggest this is a different continuity. Take from what you will from that.

If Fox considers everything canon, but the filmmakers and comic writers don't adhere to that viewpoint which Fox lays claim to.. How does it all fit and how can it all fit? If these new comics don't retcon or jettison the old comics from canon.. what does this mean for the Alien-Predator timeline(s)?

Recently, I came up with a theory that there might be an Alien-Predator multiverse at work-- similarly to how Highlander has a multiverse, or even more comparable would be how the Godzilla series has a multiverse. To my surprise, I've managed to get a few people who feel that this might be the case. Of course, there are a few who don't share this view point and subscribe to Fox's views on overall canon. You can read about it here:


So is there an Alien-Predator multiverse at work? Some people seem to believe that there is but Fox hasn't admitted that there is a multiverse. And I doubt Fox would care to address it since keeping a coherent continuity or canon isn't their primary thought.

Still.. I am interesting in hearing the answers from others.

Now my second concern regarding the Predator culture. We do know that they will be making some changes for these new comics. I am curious to know what changes what they will be making to the Predator culture, especially since they are counting PREDATORS... much to my dismay. But what changes have me more curious are the Predators relationship with the Engineers and their creations. If anything AvP-R showed us that the Predators and the Engineers have had some prior contact, and given the Engineer helmet seen-- it's definitely antagonistic.

But they aren't counting the AvP movies or the old comics.. A reminder.

So what exactly is the relationship then? Aside from a Predator-Prey type, that remains to be seen and expanded upon.

Also, what changes are going to be made to the culture? According to Christopher Sebela, the old comics weren't even looked at and by extension probably Steve Perry's novels as well. However he did say that they will likely by coincidence or accident touch up on some things the old comics did. Will they keep the Predator-Alien relationship? Will they keep he Blooding Ritual?

How will these changes be done? This wouldn't be surprising if the entire culture was changed because John Shirley's Hish mythos completely changed the Predator culture, discarding the Yautja concept in favor of the Hish-- a race which was more barbaric, world conquering and participated in the enslavement of other races. The Hish also were hermaphrodites, where as the Yautja had male and female sexes.

So will these new comics completely change Predator culture? I don't know but I hope that they keep the Yautja concept and reference very little or none from Robert Rodriguez's PREDATORS.

As for future comics well... We're not at that bridge yet.

Sorry for sounding like a wet blanket but.. I just needed to get this off my chest. I really did.